10 Commandments for your Relationship

The Ten Commandments for a Secure Functioning Relationship by Stan Tatkin PhD (2011)

1.  Thou shalt protect the safety and security of thy relationship at all costs

2.  Thou shalt base thy relationship on true mutuality, remembering that all decisions and actions must be good for thee AND for thine partner

3.  Thou shalt not threaten the existence of the relationship, for so doing would benefit no one

4.  Thou shalt appoint thy partner as go-to person for all matters, making certain thy partner is first to know -- not second, third or fourth -- in all matters of importance

5.  Thou shalt provide a tether to thy partner all the days and nights of thy life and never fail to greet thy partner with good cheer

6.  Thou shalt protect thy partner in public and in private from harmful elements, including thyself

7.  Though shall put thy partner to bed each night and awaken with thy partner each morning

8.  Thou shalt correct all errors, including injustices and injuries, at once or as soon as possible, and not make dispute of who was the original perpetrator

9.  Thou shalt gaze lovingly upon thy partner daily and make frequent and meaningful gestures of appreciation, admiration and gratitude

10.  thou shalt learn thy partner well and master the ways of seduction, influence and persuasion, without the use of fear and threat




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