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Interracial Couple


If your in a relationship that is struggling or having your own personal struggles, you have come to the right place.  There is help and you don't have to walk through this alone. Please feel free to look around the website for more information to see if counseling is right for you.

-- Whether you, or someone you love, is trying to gain control of sexually compulsive behaviors such as porn obsession or addiction, prostitution or online chatting...

-- If you and your partner are struggling with communication problems in your relationship, infidelity or trust in your relationship, feelings that your relationship is grown apart, or if one partner wants to save the marriage and the other wants separation or divorce....

-- If you recognize that possible past experiences in your childhood or adulthood, such as trauma, are creating feelings of depression, anxiety, overwhelm and pain or are causing problems in your daily life and relationships currently...

Then please don't wait!  Call 520-326-5761 or email to set up an appointment now.  It's time to start recovering, healing and rebuilding!  It's time to live the life you deserve with the one's you love!

Areas of Specialty:

Quote: " When you plant lettuce, if it does not grow well, you don't blame the lettuce.  You look for reasons it is not doing well.  It may need fertilizer, or more water, or less sun.  You never blame the lettuce. Yet if we have problems with our friends or family, we blame the other person.  But if we know how to take care of them, they will grow well, like the lettuce.  That is my experience.  No blame, no reasoning, no argument, just understanding.  If you understand, and you show that you understand, you can love, and the situation will change.  - Thich Nhat Hanh  
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