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Unresolved Trauma

What is Trauma?

Many times people may not call their past negative experiences trauma (whether they be circumstantial, natural, intentional or not). It is difficult, even by professionals, to define what is a traumatic experience and what is not because people will often react to the same experience differently. For others, they are able to easily identify traumatic experiences of their past. Although, no two people have the exact same reaction to trauma, many do experience similar symptoms.


  • Depressive symptoms and/or anxious symptoms
  • Feeling a loss of safety
  • Confusing emotional experiences
  • Difficulty creating and maintaining healthy, long-term relationships
  • Loss of connection with self and spirituality
  • Self-defeating behaviors
  • Addictions and compulsive behaviors
  • Having an over-reactive or under-reactive response (more than or less than the situation warrants)
  • Feelings of personal defectiveness
  • Physical symptoms


Working through trauma can be difficult and scary. The idea is not to re-traumatize the individual in the process. Trauma resolution work should use the individual's strengths in mind, body and spirit to finish unfinished business, reclaim and nuture their wounded self and connect to their feelings. With this the client experiences a new freedom, a sense of new power and a spiritual connection.


Methods I use that are effective for trauma resolution:


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