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Partners of Sex Addicts/Co-Sex Addiction

When my Partner has a Sex or Pornography Addiction


Often partners or spouses are struggling from their reactions about their partners behaviors and overwhelming feelings of hurt, anger and fear.  Even if your partner or spouse is not ready or willing to seek help themselves, you can seek help to deal with the feelings and begin healing from the consequences of their addiction.

Listed below are common claims that partners of sex/porn addicts may have:


  • Have you ever found yourself searching for clues about someone else's sexual behavior?


  • Have you ever felt confused and unable to separate what is true from what is not true when talking with the sex addict?


  • Have you ever make threats to others or promises to yourself ("if this happens again, I'll leave") that you did not carry out?


  • Have you often felt hurt, ashamed or embarrassed by someone else's sexual conduct?


  • Have you often lied to others, kept secrets or made excuses to yourself about another person's sexual conduct?


  • Do you normalize the addict's sexual acting out behaviors (eg "All men view pornography" or "she just has a high sex drive")


  • Did you ever engage in sexual behaviors that you did not feel comfortable with or did not feel safe with because you felt pressure to comply?


  • Have you ever wore sexy clothes or change your appearance to be my appealing to the addict


For more information you can visit the www.sanon.org or www.cosarecovery.org websites. 

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